środa, 20 maja 2020

Gmarket survey informations

I live in Poland but 'Gmarket survey' is open for international buyers - not only those located in Poland.

Survey is only for http://english.gmarket.co.kr website. There is no minimum items in your order.
Shipping to me is based on EMS shipping from Korea. You don`t need to be worry - shipping will be lower, because it`ll be divided within participants of batch order.
Your payment will consist of: items price + divided EMS shipping + shipping to you

- serious buyers only
- no back out after order on Gmarker is placed, so check few times your shopping list
- if you don`t know the name of the item, have problems with clothes size etc. - put screenshot in order form and I`ll help figure it out
- placing an order form is not confirmation! After you place an order I`ll contact with you within 24h and let you know approximate of your total. When you get my email you have 3 days to confirm/or not your order.
- before placing an order I`ll email you if you`re still interested - this is the last chance to back out; after placing order on Gmarket - no back out for any reason

- I accept two types of payment - PayPal and bank transfer
- payment only in USD; buyers located in Poland can pay in PLN
- payment should be send within 3 days after batch is closed
- I`ll get you know total amount of payment in the batch closing day

- Some of items may be out of stock after I place an order. If this happen, I`ll contact you to substitute items or cancel them.
- I`m not responsible of lost/damage packages. All items are shipped to you in the condition as are shipped to me. This includes condition/size of clothes/shoes etc. I`m not resposible of clothes condition. No exchanges or returns.
- Items from me are send via letters nad parcels - both as priority. If you want them as with decalred value and/or with receipt confirmation - mark this in form.

If you have any other question - email me at marvelouscupofcoffee@gmail.com

order form - here

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